FPC has excellent characteristics such as lightweight, free bending and folding. Compared with PCB, the process is more complex and can better reflect the comprehensive strength of an enterprise.Chengde has its own production workshop, drilling rig, electroplating line equipment, exposure machine, printing machine, constant temperature iron plate, press, punch and other advanced production equipment. FPC is widely used in consumer electronics, military, aviation, medical, industrial and other fields. Chengde provides FPC technical support, design, patch, and after-sales service, and has a professional and united team.

SpecificationPCB Capabilities
Build time7-15 days
Min/Max Size50*80/580*1200mm
FPC Copper Thicknessmin=8um;max=35um
FPC PI Thicknessmin=12.5um;max=50um
Min Test Pad0.2mm
Final FPC size2*2mm
Minimum trace width/spaceFPC PCBs: 2mil/2mil
Drilling Diametermin=0.10mm;max=6.0mm
Copper thickness8-25μm
Molding Board Thickness1.0mm、1.2mm、1.6mm
Surface finishENIG: Au 1µ to 5µ", Ni 80µ to 200µ"
Immersion tin: 0.8µm
to 1.2µm
Immersion silver: 0.15µm to 0.45µm
Hard gold plating: Au 1µ to 50u", Ni 80µ to 200µ"
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